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10 Best Fishing Towns Of The American South

September 7, 2015

©istockphoto/Dieter Meyrl

©istockphoto/Dieter Meyrl

The South is known for a lot of things—camouflage outfits, hunting and a big country vibe chief among them. It’s also home to some pretty amazing fishing towns. Whether you’re happiest sitting on a lake or down by the sea, there’s a place for you below the Mason Dixon line.

Apalachicola, Florida
Apalachicola is the perfect little town for fishermen who enjoy both fresh and saltwater game once in a while. Kayak fishing is a popular pastime here, where sea trout and sheepshead like to play, but you can also drive a little inland for some good old fashioned bass fishing with the family. 

Guntersville, Alabama
If you’re looking for a town where the cost of living is so cheap you might be able to get away working only a part time job and spend the rest of your days fishing, Guntersville is probably it. The area was home to the 2014 Bassmaster classic, but there’s also a wealth of sauger, crappie and catfish here to choose from.

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston is a quaint little beach town flanked by some of South Carolina’s best fishing spots. You might not find much freshwater game here, but inshore fish like sea trout and tarpon flourish here. A little further out you’ll find plenty of marlin to keep you busy. 

Georgetown, South Carolina
Georgetown is where the Intercoastal Waterway meets, so you’re surrounded by multiple rivers to choose from all within a short drive from any part of town. Even better, lakes Marion and Moultrie are just outside of the city limits.

Toccoa, Georgia
Toccoa is a prized part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, so not only is it the perfect spot for fisherman but hunters will also flourish in this beautiful wooded area. The area is particularly great for trout lovers, as nearby lakes Hartwell and Russell are stocked to the brim with them, along with crappies and hybrid stripers.

Rogers, Arkansas
Two words: Beaver Lake. The 31,700-acre watering hole has one of the nation’s largest abundance of largemouth and striped bass. It’s also in the Ozark Mountains, so you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by wildlife and trees everywhere you go.

Jasper, Texas
Jasper is close enough to Houston that it’s practically a suburb, so there’s always something going on near this small fishing town. It contains two reservoirs to choose from, Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn, which are both plentifully stocked with largemouth waiting for a hook.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lake Tenkiller covers roughly 130 miles of shoreline for you to fish off of if you’re afraid of getting in a boat. The real draw for Tulsa, though, is all the different bodies of water in easy driving distance. You’ve got Tenkiller, Fort Gibson Lake, and the Arkansas River to choose from to fulfill all your fishing needs.

Eufaula, Alabama
Its namesake lake once helped Eufaula claim the title of the bass fishing capital of the South. It’s reserves have been depleted somewhat over the years, but it still holds a nice variety of crappies, sunfish and hybrid bass for the casual fisherman.

Venice, LA
Venice’s location just down the road from New Orleans makes it not only an excellent source for prime fishing, but also a great place for those who want the small town life but still crave a little excitement on the weekends. The area is known for its prevalence of largemouth bass, along with a plethora of redfish and speckled trout.



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