1816 Preview Collection

July 18, 2013

1816-Denim-Shirt-blogFor generations, Remington has represented a sporting legacy passed down from father to son to grandson. Now we’re building on that rich history with the 1816 apparel brand. The 1816 line is built around signature pieces that, like so many classic Remington products, will endure the test of time and be a part of family traditions for generations to come.

A centerpiece within the 1816 preview collection is the 1816 Ilion Jacket named after the birthplace of Remington in Ilion, New York. This jacket is crafted of pure British Millerain® waxed cotton canvas, and features a unique texture that provides resistance to the elements.

From the Gold Rush through the Dust Bowl eras, if you wanted a shirt that could stand up to the rigors of an honest day’s labor, denim it was. Our 1816 Denim Shirt, with its soft-washed finish and distinctive “Remington® red” details give it a little extra comfort and style that miners and mechanics never had the chance to enjoy. And it’s made right at home in El Paso, Texas.

Our 1816 Quarter Zip Outfitter Sweater is a three-layer technical marvel that’s windproof, water resistant and über-warm. Like a superhero’s secret, to the world it simply appears as a strikingly handsome wool sweater. The trifecta fabric incorporates three weather-resistant layers which allow you to be completely impervious to the cold and dampness: wool-blend face, soft fleece inside, and a micro-thin, high-tech membrane between the two surfaces. Designed to be just as comfortable going out to dinner as it is in the field.

Waxing poetic about a belt seems unnatural. But there’s something about the brass end of 12-gauge shotgun shell set against rich tan leather that comes close to belt perfection. Maybe it’s born from a love of outdoor pursuits. Or that it pairs so naturally with jeans or khakis. Whatever the reason, you won’t find a better made or better looking one than our 1816 Shotgun Shell Belt. 1816-Shotgun-Shell-BeltIt’s constructed of harness leather that is hand-burnished at the factory in New Orleans.

The 1816 brand debuts with a preview collection available on www.remington1816.com. The full line of apparel and accessories will launch in September of this year. The collection will exclusively be sold online and via direct-to-consumer catalog.




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