20 Best Hunting Blogs and Forums on the Web Right Now

May 1, 2015


Here at Remington 1816, we’re all about upland bird hunting. However, when seasons for our favorite birds are closed or we need a change of pace, we love hunting other species. These blogs and forums are among the best you’ll find on deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting, as well how to prepare your game once you’ve brought it home.

Deer Hunting

Wired to Hunt
Mark Kenyon is a whitetail addict. His passion shows on this site that is full of whitetail news, stories, videos, and how-to articles. Listen to a full length podcast or get a quick whitetail fix with Kenyon’s “Two Minute Reads.”

Brow Tines and Backstrap
Tony Hansen has been hunting whitetails all his life. He shares his knowledge and opinions on deer, deer hunting, and deer hunting culture. You’ll also find stories about the nation’s largest whitetails and how they were harvested.

Midwest Whitetail
Whitetail expert Bill Winke shares his knowledge of whitetails, whitetail hunting, and habitat management on this site. He also produces a semi-live hunting show broken down by region to help you understand what the deer are doing in the area you hunt.

Quality Deer Management Association
QDMA strives to increase the health of deer herds by improving habitat, controlling predators, and educating hunters on how to make responsible harvests. Their site offers information on food plots, herd monitoring, and information on how to join QDMA or start a co-op in your hunting area.

Growing Deer TV
Dr. Grant Woods brings us a weekly full length television show about deer hunting and habitat management. He also writes a weekly blog post on issues related to deer and deer hunting. This site is loaded with useful information for hunters and landowners.

Turkey Hunting

Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff
Steve Hickoff is an avid turkey hunter in both the spring and fall. He criss-crosses the country chasing wary spring longbeards and hunts fall seasons with the aid of his turkey dogs. Check out the blog to see what he has learned.

Gobbler Nation
This forum is about all things turkey hunting. Talk with other turkey hunters about hunting strategies, gear, and taxidermy projects or peruse their huge gallery of turkey hunting photos and wallpapers. If you have a question and need answers fast, this is the place to find them.

Grand Slam Network
This site is dedicated to helping hunters complete the turkey hunting grand slam by harvesting eastern, rio grande, merriams, and osceola gobblers. The site includes a forum to help you connect with other hunters, a hunt swap section, and a state by state index of turkey hunting resources.

Cabela’s Spring Thunder
Aaron Warbritton provides tips and tricks to help you bring down a big tom, as well as updates on new gear. A weekly TV show will keep you motivated to tag a tom of your own and Warbritton answers viewer questions in the “Ask Aaron” section.

National Wild Turkey Foundation
NWTF is dedicated to conserving wild turkeys and their habitat. Their restocking efforts are one of the main reasons there are huntable populations of birds in many areas. There site offers information on hunting, gear, and land management strategies for wild turkeys.
Waterfowl Hunting
Fowled Reality
The fowled reality crew lives to hunt waterfowl. This is evident in their frequent video posts, gear reviews, and migration reports. This is a must visit site for the serious waterfowler.

The Banding Station
The internet home of Banded tactical hunting gear is also filled with tips on waterfowl hunting, new gear announcements, and essays on the waterfowl lifestyle.

Flyways US
This site is dedicated to the science of waterfowl hunting. Waterfowlers will find useful information such as flyway reports and population predictions. Hunters can do their part to help these efforts by reporting banded birds and filling out hunting surveys on the site.

The Duck Blog with Joe Balog
Joe Balog spends over 300 days a year on the water. On this blog, he shares some of the things he’s learned about ducks, duck hunting, and gear. He also discusses news items that may effect duck populations and duck hunting.

Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited is the nation’s largest supporter of waterfowl and waterfowl habitat. At their site, hunters can find flyway reports, hunting tips, and information on habitat restoration. You can also learn how to join DU and help make a difference for your favorite game birds.

Wild Game Recipes

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Hank Shaw is the king of cooking wild game. This site offers hundreds of options on how to prepare wild game, fish, and wild edibles. You’ll also find some of Hank’s essays on why he does what he does.

The Meat Eater
Writer and TV host Steven Rinella is all about eating what he kills. The recipes on his site reflect his eclectic tastes, ranging from the mainstream (wild game burgers) to the obscure (stuffed wild game heart.) Check out the site and see which recipe is right for you.

The Wild Chef
David Draper shows you how to prepare wild game, make sausage the right way, and mix the perfect cocktail on this blog. He also introduces and reviews new wild game cooking gear.

Wild Food
This site contains lots of great recipes from a couple that gets their food the old fashioned way. “He hunts. I cook. We eat.” If you’ve got a bear, bird, fish, or deer and need a recipe to bring out the best in the meat, look no further.

Food for Hunters
This site contains hundreds of wild game recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by step by step photos to make the process easy to follow. Whether your in the mood for venison soup or grilled jerk squirrel, you’ll find the perfect recipe here.



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