6 Guaranteed Ways to Not Annoy Other Fishermen

June 3, 2015



The old saying goes: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll drink beer, lie about the one that got away, and blame the other guy for everything.” Okay, it may not go quite that way but the complaining part is right. Here are just a few of the things fishermen complain about.

Don’t Talk to Me
Fishing is a solitary endeavor. Even when sharing a boat, some fishermen would rather not talk. They get especially annoyed when you ask questions. Although you should refrain from even talking while a guy is fishing, questions you should definitely avoid are: “How’s the fishing?”, “Are they biting?” or the ever annoying, “What are you using?” Fishermen feel they had to figure it out on their own so you should too. As a matter of fact, don’t even ask how they are doing today because they figure that covers all the above questions and it’s none of your business.

Quiet Please
Even sighing loudly will upset some hardcore fishermen. Talking directly to them was just covered in the paragraph above, but talking too loudly around them is also a no-no. They seem to think the fish can hear you even yards away and underwater. Don’t try to show your prowess with skipping rocks near a fisherman. Also, don’t let your dog plow into the water where guys have lines out. If they think your voice will disturb the fish, imagine what your dog splashing around will do to their chances. Banging around, making any noise at all not only bothers them it gives an excuse to blame you for their bad luck.

I Need My Space
Just because we’re fishing together doesn’t mean TOGETHER. Never get too close to a spot someone else is already fishing. It’s bad enough if it’s a new girlfriend, but if a stranger gets too close, well, that’s just downright rude and might cause a fight. Fishermen are protective of their territory so never throw your line into another guy’s spot.

Don’t Ask for Help
Not everyone knows how to tie a fly or tie a hook onto a line. That’s your problem. Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean the guy next to you wants to drop his pole and help you every time you lose a hook. It’s annoying enough when you have to help, but putting a worm on a hook for a squeamish person is infuriating. That is unless it’s a new girlfriend and you’re trying to show her a good time. Even then, it gets old real quick. Learn how to tie a knot and bait a hook or you won’t be coming back.

Don’t be Squeamish
Okay, you’re fishing, so the idea is to catch a fish. Well once you do catch it don’t be afraid to touch it. You have to get it off your hook so grab the fish and do the dirty work. Not everyone knows how to gut and clean a fish and that’s understandable, but if you don’t want to touch a worm or a fish, then go for a hike.

Don’t Break the Law
Every state has fishing regulations. Some limit the size, the number of fish, or types of fish. Buy a license, learn the rules and follow them. If it’s a gold medal stream with catch and release rules, then catch and release. There are good reasons for size and catch limits and they are there so everyone can enjoy the resource. Filling your bag with more than the allowable limits or with fish that are too small is just plain stealing.



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