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5 Tips for Throwing the Best Backyard BBQ

June 24, 2015

©istockphoto/Robert Ingelhart

©istockphoto/Robert Ingelhart

Some might claim that when summer rolls around it’s time to whip out the bathing suit, but the true hero of the season is the grill. From Father’s Day this June all the way to Labor Day in September your grill is going to have a chance to shine. If you play your cards right, you can have the best backyard BBQ on the block.

Glasses, Not Cans
Sure, cans of beer are wonderful if you plan on serving some PBR with your steak, but let’s try classing it up this summer. Opt for whiskey instead of beer, or at least serve your beer in a unique, artfully engraved crystal glass. Show your friends you care.

When you run out of beer halfway through your cookout, a chilled glass will bring a beer to the perfect temperature quickly so you don’t have to worry about stuffing them in the fridge.

Get the Right Grill
All grills are not made equal, my friend. For the consummate barbecue host no less than 1,000 square will do if you want to pump out those juicy cuts of beef in a timely fashion. Stainless steel is a necessity, but make sure it’s grade 304 unless you like a little rust with your rib eye.

The best results tend to come when you take your time, so invest in a charcoal grill over a gas if you think you’ve got the chops.

Only the Best Meats Will Do
If your idea of good barbecue meat can be found in the discount bin at Wal-Mart, go ahead and do us a favor and turn in your man card. It’ll save us the trouble of taking it from you. If you didn’t kill it yourself, it ain’t fresh in our book.

Plan for your backyard barbecue to coincide with your next hunting trip and treat your friends like kings. They put up with you all year, every year, so they probably deserve it. If you want to keep the best cuts for yourself, we won’t tell anyone.

Let’s be honest, fellas, there’s no point in lighting up the grill unless you plan on throwing a big, juicy steak on top. Stick with a nice porterhouse or hanger steak for you and your closest friends, sirloin burgers for all the tag-alongs.

Let People Shoot Stuff
There’s nothing worse than being at a backyard barbecue where everyone just sits around and talks. You’ve got to entertain in order to keep the masses happy and the kids off your back. Set up a nice shooting range in the yard, away from the food, where you can knock out a few empty bottles and teach the little tykes how to aim.

If you’ve got dogs on board, load up on toys like The Gripple. The kids will have a ball playing with their four-legged friends and you won’t even have to hire a babysitter.

Of course, you could always show off your new knife collection you’ve been meaning to start by skinning the dinner you bagged right there in the yard.

Don’t Have a Theme
Themes are for weddings and college frat parties, not barbecues full of grown men. We’re going to go ahead and assume you’re all like-minded individuals, so there’s no need to throw a Hawaiian Luau in your backyard where no beaches, tiki torches and hula girls can usually be found. You’ll have plenty to chat about. Either that, or you need to find new friends.



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