7 Gratifying Ways to Cook With Gin

July 27, 2015

Whiskey and beer are great additions to any recipe, but if you really want to impress you need to learn how to cook with gin. The strong, unique bite combined with the right flavors will leave your guests begging for more and make you the hero of the cookout. Or, you can be greedy and only cook for yourself. We won’t tell anyone.

Gin and Spice Flank Steak
There’s nothing that can’t be made better by a well-prepared gin sauce—especially steak. This recipe brings together some pretty unique flavors with touches of allspice, peppercorns and juniper berries for a delicious combination that delivers both sweet and spice. It pairs well with a medium cooked steak, but it’s great layered over roasted chicken breast too.

ginpastaGin Penne Pasta
This penne pasta recipe provides a flavorful alternative to traditional vodka sauce with the herbal kick of gin packing a bit more of a punch. It’s delightfully easy to make, with a few simple ingredients like onions and garlic thrown in to give it an extra oomph. Toss a little cheese on top when you’re done and you’ve got the perfect Italian dinner. It works well on other pastas as well.

ClamsHabaneroSpicy Turmeric & Habanero Clam Linguine
This recipe might not be for the weak stomached. The blend of turmeric and habanero coupled with clams, while delicious, can pack a wallop for those who aren’t used to spicy eats. We think the addition of a little gin to the dish elevates it to greatness, though. If you’ve never tried to spice up your seafood, now’s your chance to start.

baked porkBaked Pork Scaloppini With Gorgonzola
All right, we’re going to level with you—this isn’t exactly appetizing to look at. But who needs a pretty plate when you can have mouthwateringly delicious instead? On top of that, it’s simple to make. With a few standard ingredients you probably already have in your cabinet like onions, milk, flour and salt, you’ll have a meaty pork dish covered in gooey gin sauce that’ll leave have you coming back for seconds.

lemon chickenLemon Chicken With Zucchini Gratin
On the other hand, everything about the way this one looks makes us want to pull out the forks. The chopped thyme and parsley combined with the gin does make it a little heavy on the herbal flavor, but the fresh lemon juice manages to even it out. Plus, who doesn’t like a chicken recipe that manages to include whipping cream? Okay, we’d never actually tried that before now, but it turns out it’s pretty awesome.

hamHomemade Ham
We’ve honed in on the perfect way to add a little flair to Christmas dinner thanks to Feastie. The only downside is it takes days to prepare, but the 15 prescribed in the recipe turned out to be a little excessive. We cut it down to three. Sue us. The mix of sugar, salt and gin sounds contrary but ends up adding a nice touch to the marinated ham. Make sure you cut the incisions far enough to allow it to settle deep down in there.

gin tonic cakeGin and Tonic Cake
This recipe will fill you up for dessert and get you drunk at the same time, and who can say no to that? It’s pretty much your standard cake, extra fluffy and doused in alcohol. We recommended ditching the lime, but if you’re into it go ahead and throw it on top. Otherwise, whip this sucker up and keep it in a safe place no one else can find.



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