7 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Be Outdoors

October 17, 2014



As summer comes to a close and the nights get cooler, many people pack up their grills and head indoors for a premature hibernation period.  They don’t know what they are missing.  Here are seven reasons why fall is the best time to be outdoors.

Cooler Weather
Fall weather is just more comfortable to be active in. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, and jogging all require a certain level of physical exertion, which can cause profuse sweating in the summer.  Fall temperatures are just right for being active in the outdoors and if you get to cold you can always put on a sweater.

Apple Picking
Fall is the time of year for apples and the best way to get fresh delicious apples is to pick them yourself.  If you have inherited or cultivated trees of your own, picking apples can be as easy as a trip to the backyard.  Otherwise, a trip to your local orchard can make for a fun family activity.

College Football Tailgating
Fall means football and good times with old friends.  There is nothing like putting on your old college sweatshirt and going to a game.  Grilling and tossing around the pigskin before kickoff adds to the experience and allows time for catching up with former classmates.  Quit making excuses this fall.  Buy some tickets, grab some buddies and some beers, and head to the stadium.  You’ll be glad you did.

No Bugs
Fall’s cooler temperatures have another advantage; the nearly total lack of bugs.  Sure you’ll see the occasional drowsy bee buzzing around on those hot Indian summer days, but for the most part the bugs are gone.  This is good news for those with allergies to bees and other insects.  Those living in areas harboring ticks are at a much lower risk of contracting Lyme disease through a tick bite after the first frost of the year.  While all of nature’s creatures hold a special place in the world, I think most of us would agree that outdoor activities are more enjoyable without annoying insects.

Hayrides, Haunted Houses, and Corn Mazes
Whether you take your children or your sweetheart, these fall traditions are a great way to spend some quality time in the outdoors.  Put on your favorite flannel and boots and head outdoors.  Lighten up and let your inner child out of its stuffy cage for a fun fall afternoon or evening. Enjoy the ride, get scared silly, and lose yourself in the fun of fall.

Fall Foliage
The most obvious reason fall is the best time to be outdoors is the changing leaves.  As the cooler air signals trees to go dormant, leaves shed their chlorophyll cloaks and dress up for a going away party.  No matter what fall activity you choose, make sure you take time to enjoy the splendid fall colors.  Nature lovers will be hard pressed to find scenery more beautiful than the sun rising on a frosty fall morning with fiery maples and golden aspens cloaked in the autumn colors.  Don’t let the end-of-summer blues keep you indoors.  Get outside this fall and enjoy the best season of the year.



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