7 Things You’ll Learn If You Take Your Date Hunting

August 5, 2015

hunting date


Forget dinner and a movie; if you really want to know if you and your date are meant to be you need to take her hunting. It’s a great way to determine if she’s got what it takes to hack it in your world, or if she’s too much of a princess for the hunter lifestyle.

See How She Handles the Weather
What’s the point of a relationship that can’t weather the storm? Taking your date hunting is a great way to see how she handles the heat. Is she happy to tag along whether rain or shine, or can she only hack it when it’s 70 and a partly cloudy? It’s a good indicator of how she handles problems when they arise.

Does She Really Love the Outdoors?
You might’ve noticed in your dating escapades that some women only claim to like the great outdoors because they think it’ll attract a mate. You’ve got to weed those women out off the bat. Does this “outdoorsy” girl scoff at the idea of trekking through mud or scream when she sees a spider? If so, it’s time to ditch her.

Can She Skin a Buck?
If a woman is going to eat a deer, she should be able to help you prepare it. Does the sight of a strung up deer make her squeamish? If she can knife it with the best of them you might’ve found yourself a keeper.

How Does She Handle Her Gun?
A woman needs to know how to shoot a gun. If not for hunting, at least to keep the house safe while you’re away. You don’t want to share a house with someone who might accidentally use one of your rifles to shoot herself in the foot. She doesn’t have to know how to shoot right off the bat, but use the date as opportunity to see how well she can learn. If you find yourself having to duck and cover to save your own life, run for hills, man.

Does She Stay Quiet?
A lot of hunting involves patience, focus and staying quiet for long periods of time. Maintaining a successful relationship requires the same skills. Can your date keep silent long enough to bag a prize, or does she talk incessantly about her nails and scare away all the game? If you find her inability to sit in silence annoying, just image how that relationship is going to go when you can’t get any peace and quiet in your own home.

How Does She Cook?
Cooking on a campfire requires skill and the ability to cook creatively. If you’ve got mad cooking skills yourself, then whether your date does might not matter. However, if without her you would be slowly dying from a Ramen overdose, then let her handle a steak without an oven or grill and see how she does. As long as it’s edible, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

How Prepared Is She?
Does your date come fully prepared all on her own, or do you have to walk her through everything she’ll need on the trail? If she’s got the gear down pat, you’ve found a girl who knows how to take care of herself. That’s a good thing. You want a partner, not someone you have to babysit.



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