7 Ways to Prepare for Deer Camp

November 14, 2014


Deer season is nearly upon us and for many folks that means “DEER CAMP.” We look forward to it like Boy Scouts look forward to their annual summer outing and Santa Clause dreams of Christmas. Emails and texts are sent, plans are made, but are you really prepared? Here’s seven tips to get you revved up and ready for deer camp.

Gather Your Gear
As simple as this sounds, you could fill a good sized stadium with the sportsmen and women who forget crucial items like hats, gloves, ammunition, and even guns on opening day. Make a check list and check it twice. Consider bringing double the amount of things that you know your friends will forget (toilet paper.) It is better to bring too much and take something home than to be without an item you forgot.

Sight in Your Gun
There is no excuse for heading into the field with a rifle or shotgun that is not shooting on the mark. Hunting with an unchecked zero is both inefficient and unethical. A quick check at the range will tell you if your gun is shooting where it is supposed to be. If it is not, be sure to sight it in before going hunting.

Get Your License and Review the Rules
Make sure you are properly licensed for the area you are hunting and read and understand the rules. This seems to get harder every year as game laws become more complicated, but ignorance is no excuse and hunters should strive to be on the right side of the law.

Finish Your Honey-Do List
In order to fully enjoy yourself at hunting camp, you need to feel like everything is all right at home. Bust out a few odd jobs you’ve been putting off and enjoy a stress free week or weekend at camp.

Learn a Dirty Joke
Nothing gets people in the deer camp spirit like a dirty joke. Try to keep your audience in mind when choosing your material, but don’t be afraid to push the limits on this one because, “What happens at deer camp, stays at deer camp.”

Bring Some Bacon…
And eggs and home-fries. Wake up early on opening day and cook breakfast. You’ll receive VIP treatment for the rest of your stay. Hunters (and everyone else for that matter) love bacon. Cook it up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a treestand snack and enjoy. You are on vacation, right?

Stock Up on Booze
The smart camp member brings a bottle of good whiskey (for when someone kills the buck of a lifetime,) some good beer (for sipping around the fire,) and a few cases of cheap beer (for when your buddies get out of hand.) Drinking is a deer camp tradition, honor it, but drink responsibly.

If you’ve never been a part of a deer camp, join one. If you are already a member, be glad. Make sure your hunt is about more than antlers and meat and reap the rewards of time spent outdoors with others.



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