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8 Mouth-Watering Ways to Cook With Whiskey

July 6, 2015

We’re of the opinion that everything is better with whiskey. We’re not just talking about our drinks, but our food too. If you’ve never discovered the wonders of adding whiskey to your frying pan or cookout, here are some tips to help you add a little bite to your next meal.

Pair it With Pasta
Forget traditional pasta sauce from the store—whiskey is the way to go when you’re craving Italian. Paired with a little wine and Portobello mushrooms side-by-side with a nice juicy steak and you’ll have a feast fit for the ancient Spartans. To help get you started, we think this recipe is pretty delizioso.

Bourbon and Belly
A well-cooked pork belly at the end of a workweek is enough to satisfy any man’s craving for meat. Marinate the pork belly in bourbon and you’ll be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We prefer this simple recipe with just a few ingredients but some pretty bold, sweet flavors.

Bourbon Is For The Birds
Game birds are capable of handling big, bold flavors so drowning them in whiskey words wonderfully. This recipe for roast grouse with beetroot sauce gets a big boost from Scotch whisky. Add it to the stock and the sauce for a double whammy of excellent taste.

Bourbon Maple Almonds
Whiskey doesn’t just have to be reserved for the main course, or any course at all. It works perfectly added to an almond-sized snack. Mix together some bourbon with maple syrup and cayenne pepper to make the perfect marinade for a batch of almonds. Throw those suckers in the smoker for a bit and you’ve got yourself a spicy, liquor-laced snack to take on the trail.

Tennessee Bread Pudding
You can even throw whiskey in your dessert if it strikes your fancy. This bread pudding with whiskey cream sauce is so simple even the worst baker of the bunch shouldn’t have trouble throwing it together. If it manages to stump you—well—screw it, just down the bottle instead.

Throw It In A Bowl
Is there anything manlier than the trifecta of whiskey, bacon and chili? Well, maybe if you throw a little steak in but that’s completely up to you. This chili recipe infused with whiskey and everyone’s favorite piece of pork takes just over an hour. We were a little iffy on the chocolate, but go ahead and give it a whirl. Live dangerously.

Whisk Up Your Wedges
Sweet potato wedges doused in whiskey, brown sugar and a little olive oil is a great way to pump up the taste of healthy side dish. In fact, roasting or sautéing any vegetable in whiskey helps bring out the flavor while also giving it a much-needed kick. You’ll never turn your nose up at broccoli again.

Whiskey In Your…Ice Cream?
We raised our eyes when we saw this recipe for infusing whiskey into ice cream. We raised ‘em even higher when we saw it called for tofu. We gave it a shot anyway, and we’re damn happy we did. It turns out ice cream and whiskey go together like coffee and cream. Trust us, you won’t even notice the tofu.

Like we said, we think whiskey goes with just about everything. Experiment, go wild and let us know in the comments what mouth-watering recipes you come up with so we can steal ‘em for ourselves.



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