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99 Bottles: The International Beer Bucket List

October 15, 2014



According to 2012 statistics from the (completely legitimate) Beer Institute, American citizens collectively guzzled 226.8 million 30-gallon barrels of beer in 2012. That’s roughly 28 barrels per adult over the age of 21. And in case you’re wondering, Ohio, New Hampshire and Montana are the national consumption champions.

But the appeal of a crisp brew does not stop at the U.S. border. In fact, according to a 2012 study by Kirin Holdings, 13 other countries placed higher than the U.S. in terms of per capita beer consumption. Czech Republic took first place by a landslide, followed by Venezuela, Australia, Panama and a bunch of European countries. But most travelers will agree that cold-ish beer in a can, bottle or… what have you… is one of the most readily available beverages throughout the world.

In honor of this exquisite beverage’s universal popularity, we’ve compiled 99 of the world’s most iconic beers ― in addition to a few tried-and-true American favorites ― to create the International Beer Bucket List. All 99 beers are listed below in alphabetical order.

How many of these beers have you personally tasted? Which ones have been your favorites? Which ones did you absolutely loathe? The world needs to hear your beer-drinking stories!

  1. Aguila: Currently reigning as the best-selling beer in Colombia.

  2. Al-Shark: One of Syria’s most popular brands, manufactured in the city of Aleppo.

  3. Almaza Pilsener: Today owned by Heineken, this beloved brew is one of Lebanon’s oldest breweries.

  4. Antarctic Nail Ale: Starting at $800 a can, this Western Australian ale is considered the world’s most expensive beer.

  5. Asahi Super Dry: This Japanese lager is worshipped in its homeland and enjoyed by sushi eaters worldwide.

  6. Baltika: In less than 25 years, this Russian ale juggernaut has claimed nearly 40% of the country’s beer industry market share.

  7. Behnoush: For a good time in Iran, try this non-alcoholic favorite.

  8. Belikin: This “Beer of Belize” is that country’s best-selling domestic lager.

  9. Bia Hơi: A popular draft option available at corner stores and food carts throughout Vietnam.

  10. Bucanero: A rich flavor characterizes this popular Cuban beer.

  11. Budweiser/Bud Light: The King of Beers and his lighter companion are icons of the U.S. landscape, and can be found across the globe.

  12. Carling: Recognized as the most widely consumed beer in England.

  13. Carlsberg: Beloved in its home country of Denmark and consumed across the globe.

  14. Casablanca: A rich, satisfying lager that’s hugely popular among Moroccans.

  15. Castel 33: The best-selling brand of beer from Cameroon’s largest brewery.

  16. Castle: Brewed in Johannesburg and found throughout Southern Africa.

  17. Cerveza Polar: The most popular beer in Venezuela, which ranks eighth on the worldwide annual consumption scale.

  18. Club Premium Lager: The best-selling beer in both Liberia and Ghana.

  19. Coors Light: Like it or not, this Rocky-tapping lager ranks as the best-selling beer in the United States.

  20. Corona: A Mexican lager that is perfect on sunny May days, particularly the fifth day of the month.

  21. Cristal: The light-hearted older sibling of Peru’s expansive Backus and Johnston brewing company.

  22. Cruzcampo: Currently listed as the best-selling beer in Spain.

  23. Efes Pilsen: The flagship brand of Central Asia’s largest brewing companies, which is headquartered in Istanbul.

  24. Eku Bavaria: This crisp lager is Togo’s top-selling beer.

  25. Feldschlösschen: The name of this best-selling Swiss beer translates to ‘closed field’.

  26. Gallo: The flagship lager of a Guatemalan brewery founded in 1886; found throughout Central America, as well as the United States.

  27. Goldstar: An award-winning Israeli pale lager that has been in circulation since 1950.

  28. Gorkha: Stave off those chilly Himalayan nights with this Nepalese favorite.

  29. Gösser: The best-selling brew in Austria, which ranks second in terms of worldwide beer consumption.

  30. Greenland Brewhouse Ale: The flagship ale of Greenland’s first brewery, but unfortunately this brew has not been produced since 2008 and is no longer in circulation. In other words, we’d especially like to hear from anyone who’s tried this one.

  31. Guinness: This iconic Irish stout is the darkest beer on our list… and pretty much everywhere else.

  32. Harbin: This popular Chinese lager brewed since 1900 enjoys a vast global following.

  33. Harp Lager: This crisp Guinness spin-off is almost as much of an Irish pub staple as its frothier forefather.

  34. Heineken: This crisp Dutch lager can pretty much be found in every bar on Earth.

  35. Hite: This rice lager is one of the most widely consumed beers in South Korea.

  36. Hoegaarden Wheat: Traditionally unfiltered and cloudy as a spring day, this Belgian classic dates back to the 15th century.

  37. Kalik: If you’ve spent any time in the Bahamas, chances are you’ve sipped at least one of these in a lounge chair overlooking a body of water.

  38. Karagandinskoye: Order a round of these lagers next time you’re in Kazakhstan… if you can pronounce it.

  39. Khar Khorum: Next time you’re escaping the heat in Ulaanbaatar, sample this Mongolian gem.

  40. Kilimanjaro Lager: Available at safari outposts and game lodges throughout Tanzania.

  41. Kingfisher: Considered the most widely consumed beer in India and found all over the world.

  42. Kokanee: A favorite among Western Canadians, as well as Washingtonian college students… so I’m told.

  43. Krombacher Pils: The Northern Rhine yin to Oettinger’s Bavaria yang, this popular pilsner is the best-selling output of Germany’s second largest brewery.

  44. Kronenbourg 1664: While France isn’t especially known for beer, this lager is pretty nice.

  45. Labatt Blue: This tasty lad is the top-selling product of Canada’s largest brewery. Exponentially improves the sport of ice fishing.

  46. Laurentina Clara: Pairs perfectly with a Mozambican beach on a hot day.

  47. Lhasa: Officially recognized as the only beer brewed in Tibet.

  48. Lion Lager: The best-selling beer in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

  49. Mamba: Don’t be afraid to get bit by this refreshing snake next time you’re in Cote D’Ivoire.

  50. Märzen: This Bavarian lager traditionally served as the official Oktoberfestbier, and is still poured today.

  51. Molson Canadian: Now part of a holy alliance with Coors, Molson is one of Canada’s most iconic brews.

  52. Mosi: This Zambian best-seller is named after the local name for Victoria Falls.

  53. Murree: Due to an export prohibition, these tasty brews are only available inside their home country of Pakistan.

  54. Mythos: This light, crisp lager is one of the most ubiquitous beers in Greece.
  55. Ngok: One of the most popular brands among Congolese beer drinkers.

  56. Nile Special: This Ugandan favorite was inaugurated by none other than Idi Amin.

  57. Obolon: This Ukrainian lager’s brewery is technically Europe’s largest beer-making facility.

  58. Oettinger: The largest brewery in Germany. ‘Nuff said.

  59. Ozujsko: Croats know beer—they ranked seventh in the world for overall annual consumption—and this tasty lager is the national best-seller.

  60. Panama: A top-selling beer and merchandising giant in its national namesake, as well as other Caribbean nations.

  61. Peroni: Drunk like water on Italian summer days and widely available at spaghetti joints worldwide.

  62. Pilsener Lager Bier: The name might seem contradictory, but there’s no denying the crisp, refreshing taste of this El Salvador cantina staple.

  63. Pilsner Urquell: The best-selling beer in Czech Republic, the world’s runaway leader for annual consumption.

  64. Presidente: A juggernaut in its homeland of Dominican Republic and exported to countries in Europe and the Americas.

  65. Prestige: This tasty lager enjoys a staggering 98% share of Haiti’s beer market.

  66. Primus: Widely enjoyed throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

  67. Pripps Blå: A popular, (relatively) inexpensive choice for cool Swedish nights.

  68. Quilmes: Originally founded by German immigrants, this Argentine lager is currently the country’s best-selling beer.

  69. Red Stripe: As popular in the United States as it is in its homeland of Jamaica; the truncated bottles were a stroke of marketing genius.

  70. Ringnes: Norway has a ban in place on all alcohol-related advertising, but this lager has still managed to gain a cult following among that nation’s drinkers.

  71. Sagres: This crisp, refreshing Portuguese lager is a lunchtime favorite.

  72. Salva Vida: This lager is light, hoppy and hugely popular in its homeland of Honduras.

  73. Samuel Adams: Arguably the finest mass-produced beer in the United States, Sam Adams is equally popular with critics and the public.

  74. San Miguel: To say this lager is popular in the Philippines is an understatement; the Manila-based brewer owns nearly 100% of the country’s market share.

  75. Singha: Brewed since the 30’s, this Bangkok-based brew is available throughout Southeast Asia and in plenty of Thai restaurants worldwide.

  76. Skol: Currently enjoys distinction as Brazil’s most popular beer.

  77. Snow: Simply put, this Chinese lager is the most widely consumed beer in the world.

  78. Sol: This iconic Mexican cerveza is also widely available throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Grab some limes and enjoy.

  79. Speight’s Gold Medal Ale: Make a few Kiwi friends and buy a round of these gems next time you’re out drinking in New Zealand.

  80. St. George: First poured in 1922, this lager remains one of Ethiopia’s most popular brews.

  81. St. Louis Export: A full-bodied lager that’s commonly poured throughout Botswana.

  82. Star Lager: The most popular beer in Nigeria, Africa’s largest country.

  83. Stella: This Euro-style lager is one of Egypt’s most celebrated beers. Not to be confused with the next entry.

  84. Stella Artois: While it’s certainly not Belgium’s most flavorful beer, this pilsner is certainly one of that country’s most ubiquitous.

  85. Strela: This refreshing beer is available in Cabo Verde, as well as a countries on mainland Africa.

  86. Taedonggang: You may have to jump through a few hoops to enjoy this North Korean lager produced by a state-run brewery.

  87. Taiwan Beer: So much an icon of Taiwanese culture that its name is used for a semi-professional basketball team.

  88. Taj Mahal: As you may have guessed, this widely consumed beer is brewed in India.

  89. Three Horses: Crack a cold bottle of this sturdy lager next time you’re in Madagascar.

  90. Tiger: Singapore’s first beer, and today one of the city-state’s most valuable brands in any sector.

  91. Toña: This crisp lager is king of the beer-brewing hill in Nicaragua.

  92. Toohey’s New: The flagship lager of one of Australia’s most popular brands.

  93. Tsingtao: This second-largest brewery in China was actually founded by German immigrants.

  94. Tusker: A Kenyan favorite that has earned a cult following among Western travelers.

  95. Victoria Bitter: Australian dollar for dollar, the most widely consumed beer Down Under.

  96. Víking Gylltur: Iceland’s most popular beer also, probably, has the best name of any beer ever.

  97. Vonu Pure Lager: A sharp ad campaign has helped this Fijian brew skyrocket in popularity throughout the islands.
  98. Windhoek Lager: This light Namibian lager is also found in Botswana and Western South Africa.

  99. Żywiec: The best-selling brew in Poland, which ranks sixth among all nations in terms of annual beer consumption.



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