America’s 10 Best Fishing Towns

June 29, 2015

America's 10 Best Fishing Towns
If you live your life for the calming relaxation that comes with lying by a glistening lake and the thrill of a bite on your hook, your heart probably yearns for a fishing town. We’ve already done the homework of finding the perfect ones for you. Have a look at this list, then start planning your next move.


West Yellowstone, Montana

Fishing on the Yellowstone River


You’ll notice that Montana shows up twice on this list and for good reason. West Yellowstone serves as a gateway town to Yellowstone National Park and all of the rich trout fishing that lies within it. That means you’re never more than 30 minutes away from treasure-troves like Gallatin, Firehole River and Slough Creek.


Guntersville, Alabama
For best overall quality of life we’re going to have to give it up to Guntersville. Not only are they known for an excellent school system and incredibly affordable cost of living, but the place is a fisherman’s paradise with Lake Guntersville jam-packed full of largemouth bass, catfish and crappy around ever nook and cranny.


Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Fishing in the Roaring Fork Valley


Glenwood Springs rests right where the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork meet and has more trout rivers than you could possibly ever get through in a lifetime. That shouldn’t stop you from trying, though! The town also boasts 300 days of sunshine each year so you’ll never have to put that rod in storage again.


Talkeetna, Alaska
Driving into Talkeetna is like stepping back in time. The historical vibe of this small town at the foot of Denali is perfect for the laid-back fisherman. It’s also a hotspot for salmon fishing and tons of water sports like rafting. Admittedly, Talkeetna comes with a higher cost of living than average but we think you’ll find it worth it when you get a load of those beautiful views and the peace and quiet that comes with them.


Missoula, Montana

Damon flyfishing on the Blackfoot River near Missoula, Montana with a storm threatening in the background.

©istockphotos/John Alves

Missoula is a fishing town for the young, or at least young at heart. This college town has a wealth of outdoor activities at its doorstep along with some of the premier fly-fishing in the nation. Famous watering holes like Big Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Rock Creek and the Clark Fork are just a short drive away.


Roscoe, New York
Come on, how could we not include “Trout Town USA” on the list? Roscoe is a bastion for trout fishers in New England and boasts five of America’s top trout fishing streams in its backyard. It’s also considered one of the areas where fly-fishing was born.


Suwanee, Georgia

Fishing in Suwanee


Suwanee routinely pops up on “best of” lists each year and has been named best place to retire and best place to raise a family. If you’re looking for an area close to city living but with a bit of a country feel, this town is right up your alley. The area has 54 lakes for you to fish from and is home to a variety of trout, bass and crappie.


Traverse City, Michigan
In Traverse City, they say you can pretty much fish anything your heart desires. Lake Michigan is a popular hub for steelhead and salmon while Grand Traverse Bay is teeming with carp and smallmouth bass. The area is also loaded with smaller natural lakes and rivers where you can find largemouth bass, panfish and trout galore.


Bend, Oregon



There might be no better place than Bend. The popular tourist town is booming and growing at a rapid rate rarely seen, so you better get in soon while the gettin’s good. It sits alongside the might Deschutes River where you’ll find a variety of trout, including rainbow and brown, along with smaller lakes filled with steelhead and rivers packed with smallmouth bass. Plus, the area is home to just about every outdoor activity known to man.


Charleston, South Carolina
We certainly couldn’t leave out the saltwater fishermen so, last but certainly not least, is Charleston. This town not only fulfills most retirees’ checklist for warm weather and sandy beaches, but saltwater fishing meccas Beaufort and Georgetown surround it on both ends. For the younger crowd, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities and the schools are top-notch for anyone looking to start a family.



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