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Bearded Advice on How (and Why) to Grow a Great Beard

August 10, 2015

Forget the style trends, the pre-conceived notions of a bearded man, and the hundreds of razor ads we’ve sat through during our favorite programming. Growing a beard when you strip it down to it’s basic element is literally the manly thing to do. If you’re still reading, you probably fit the right audience for some great advice on growing beards. Keeping a beard well-kempt will keep you happy and keep you rocking that symbol of masculine strength. Now for some advice from experts in the field of face hair:

Currie-CorbinCurrie Corbin, Urban

“Beards are not a trend. Back in the late 1800s over 90% of men had some sort of facial hair. What’s the real trend? Shaving! And while it was popular the past few decades, it’s a trend that is finally going away.

Beards are a symbol of confidence, authenticity, and style. With an increase of amazing beard grooming products out there, beardsmen have never looked better. The current bearded renaissance is helping to rid the negative stereotypes that beardsmen have faced in the past (dirty, lazy, unkempt, etc.) People are realizing that you can have a successful career while rocking a killer beard, and outdated old-school “no-beard” policies are coming into question and going away.”

Currie Corbin is the Editor at Urban Beardsman Magazine, an online periodical that focuses on the manlier things of life from growing a great beard to the lifestyle that accompanies your well-groomed face warmer. For the latest in fashion, advice, and how to keep your cool (even with a summer beard), check out the latest from Urban Beardsman Magazine.   

Jonathan-PryceJonathan Daniel Pryce, 100

“I began photographing bearded men on the streets of London in 2012 for my project. Since then I’ve shot over 300 men with beards and been given more advice on grooming than is imaginable. The key to a great beard is a strong grooming routine. It’s important to go to the barber regularly but also ask yours for tips on how to groom like a professional at home. It doesn’t take much to keep facial hair looking sharp and in place—simple conditioner and trimming will do the trick.”

For 100 days straight, Jonathan Daniel Pryce photographed 100 different beards throughout the streets of London. And what he created was a memorial to the authenticity and originality of the beards that define this modern man’s fashion accessory. You can buy an edition of his book at 100 Beards – The Book, or check out more of his work at 100 or Garcon

Brian-FurbyDoug Geiger, Can You

“We’re often asked ‘How can I grow an awesome beard?’ While you can’t control your genetics; there is a lot you can control. First, be patient when you’re growing your beard and resist the urge to trim in the early stages. Second, make sure you use quality products to clean, condition, and style your facial hair. Third, try different styles. A well-maintained beard fits in everywhere from the boardroom to the local pub. Finally, enjoy the process and be proud because it takes initiative to grow a beard, temperance to avoid cutting it all off during the infamous ‘itchy stage’, and wisdom to know you’d look so good!”

Doug Geiger and his co-workers at Can You are much more than just an original beard and mustache product online retailer, and even though you can find essential products like beard oil, everyday maintenance  kits, and complete beard care kits, you can also relish in the narrative lifestyle that a healthy beard provides through their community and beard blog. 

Jon-DyerJon Dyers,

“What looks good and what feels good rarely coincide, and growing a beard is a feel-good exercise for a man. Unfortunately, the most resistance to growing a beard comes from wives and girlfriends. Beards just make some women inexplicably angry. If that woman is your Significant other, there is no easy way to get past that. ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ The best way I’ve found to lessen resistance in those situations is to try to build a bridge of beard and cotton. Most woman have a pair of sweatpants that they love. Ask if they wear them to look good or to feel good. When they admit that they are feel good, it might buy you another week.”

Jon Dyers, the mastermind behind The Quest for Every Beard Type, is an interesting guy who got tired of having a boss one day and decided to write a few things on the interweb. 10 years later and is still running strong bringing its readers everything from WordPress hacks to daily motivation to do what you want to do. Worth checking just for the beards, Jon Dyer just hopes to bring a little smirk to your daily routine.

Steven-WilsonSteven Wilson,

“If you want to have a beard, you should grow your beard. Fashion trends should not factor into your decision. Just grow your beard. In recent years, beards have gained in popularity. That’s great. The more beards there are, the more the acceptance of beards increases. That helps to make beard growing an easier decision for those who are shy or lacking in confidence. Once you have decided to grow your beard, commit to it and stay with it. That will greatly contribute to your beard-growing success. Growing your beard is a great experience. It should be your decision. Don’t let fashion trends dictate whether you grow your beard or keep it. Just grow your beard!”

All About Beards (aka is the longest running beard site on the web and since 1997 has been supplying the masses with beard advice, enthusiasm, and lifestyle encouragement. Steven Wilson, besides being the founder of the site, is also a professional photographer and has snapped pictures of beards across the globe. And to check out all his photos or get some grooming tips, head on over to and get your fill.



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