Choose the Best Rifle for Your Deer Hunting Style

December 16, 2014



Every deer hunter needs a rifle that is reliable and accurate, but not all rifles are created equal. As with boots, hunting clothes, or spouses, hunters should pick a rifle that fits their hunting style. Use this short guide to discover which rifle is right for you.

Stand Hunter
The majority of deer are shot from treestands so most hunters will fall into this broad category. Since stand hunting relies on the element of surprise to ambush deer while they travel to and from feeding, bedding, and loafing areas, most shots are taken at standing or walking deer.

A stand hunter’s rifle should be accurate and equipped with a variable power scope to handle shots ranging from “he was right under the tree” to “it was a pretty good poke.”

Flat shooting calibers like the .243, .270, or .300 Remington Ultra-mag will take the guess work out of shots out to 300 yards.

Stand hunters should also use climbing stands or shooting rails with hang on stands to insure a solid rest and clean kill.

Still Hunter/Tracker
This form of hunting is as old as the sport itself. Stalking likely cover or actually following an animal’s track to the source requires skill, stealth, and an accurate and quick shooting rifle.

No matter how sneaky you are, some deer will detect your presence before you see them. This increases the likelihood of running shots and the need for fast follow up shots.

Anyone attempting to take a running shot at a deer should practice shooting moving targets with their rifle. The confidence gained through this practice will allow you to make a good shot in the field.

Hunters who still hunt or track deer should look at an autoloading or pump rifle to put some venison in the freezer.

This type of hunting typically means shots taken inside 150 yards. Therefore, a hunter using these methods doesn’t need to worry about ultra flat shooting. Classic deer hunting calibers like the 30-30 and the .35 Remington are right at home while stalking the deer woods.

Scopes should be variable powered with the ability to go as low as 3X or even 2X power. Many still hunter/stalkers choose open sights for quick target acquisition.

The Long Range Gunner
With the help of modern rangefinders, scopes, and rifles, hunters are shooting accurately at distances further than ever before. This has spawned a new style of hunting in areas with high visibility. Hunters use high quality binoculars and spotting scopes to find and assess game from a distance, then move in for the shot.

When taking shots between 500 and 1000 yards, special equipment is required. Tactical scopes with range compensating reticles allow shooters to quickly adjust their rifle’s point of impact to match the range and wind conditions.

Flat shooting rifles with bullets heavy enough to buck the wind are preferred by long range hunters and heavy barreled bolt actions are the standard.

Whatever your hunting style, Remington makes a rifle for you. Get out this season and enjoy the great outdoors while supplying some healthy and delicious meat for your family’s freezer. Good luck and hunt safe.



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