To Our Best Field Companions

August 26, 2013

For us sporting men, there’s no better field companion than that of our beloved sporting dogs. Our Spaniels, Retrievers, Setters, and Hounds these are the finest athletes to play the game, they are the champions of the field. From the Remington Art Collection archives, we honor the best of the best with these legendary field trail champion pointers:

1816-Blog-Remington-LOUGHEED-DogLone Survivor by Robert Lougheed | Winner of the National Championship in 1955, elected to Field Trail Hall of Fame in 1974

1816-Blog-Reington-HENDERSON-DOGLuminary by Luis Henderson | Winner of the National Championship in 1942, elected to the Field Hall of Fame in 1954

1816-blog-Remington-dog-DENNISThe Texas Ranger by Wesley Dennis | Won a record ten open field trail titles in the 1940s, elected to Hall of Fame in 1956
1816-Shooting-Shirt-Remington-DogWith 1816, the Tradition Continues…



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