Finding the Perfect Fall Coat

August 26, 2015

Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to hit the store and purchase a new fall coat. Not just any fall coat will do, though, so here’s a little primer to help ensure you get exactly what you need and what the ladies want to see.

Waxy Works Well
Waxed cotton is an excellent way to stave off the fall’s occasional rain or snow shower. Liquid rolls off smoothly and the material dries quickly, so you can safely wear it anywhere you go. Simply hang it up and rest assured it’ll be ready to go as soon as you are. The Ilion Jacket is a great choice for those guys searching for a rugged, yet sophisticated appeal.

Soft Suede
Suede is the perfect material for a soft feel. The Bridger Suede Shirt works as both a jacket and overshirt and is so light you’ll barely notice it’s there. The brown goat suede fabric lends itself to a classic appeal of Western ranch style and is handsome enough to charm any woman you might have your eye on.

Light and Airy
While the temperatures drop during the Fall season, hopefully you aren’t living in a place where they reach subzero. For cooler—but not cold—temps you just need something light and airy. A simple, no frills light traveller’s coat is perfect for any occasion, slips on and off easily and works as both a sport coat and jacket.

You can wear it down the road for a quick walk with the dog or out on a day with your lady—it works for every situation.

Be a Rebel
Prim and proper has its place, but the Fall is a season to relax and embrace your inner rebel. Even if you don’t ride, a motorcycle-inspired jacket like the Cannon Ball Jacket can seriously amp up your style. It’s wind and rain repellant and transitions well into the colder winter months, so you can get extensive use out of this one. Nothing else says “American” quite as well as the Cannon Ball.

Linen Equals Light
If you want to feel as if you’re not even wearing a jacket at all, there’s no better option than linen. Sure, it wrinkles and tends to slip off a hanger at the lightest touch, but the thin fabric is the best at protecting you from crisp temperatures and preventing you from overheating at the same time. Linen jackets like the Havana Linen Sport Coat pair well with slacks, khakis and jeans so you can wear them everywhere and still look casual and appealing.

They’re also incredibly easy to clean.

Vest Up
Sometimes it’s just a little too warm to wear a full-blown jacket but still cool enough that you need a little extra protection. Enter the vest. They went out of style for a bit but they’ve made a roaring comeback in recent years, and if you don’t own one already now’s the time to buy.

They come in a variety of styles and fabrics that mesh with any situation, from hunting to fishing to hiking or even just a casual night out on the town. In fact, you should probably just go ahead and have one for each occasion. They pair well with just about everything, too, so you can’t go wrong with whatever outfit you might throw together and cover with a great vest.



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