Interview with the Wax Man Jesse Lanci

November 18, 2014

We recently got the opportunity to speak with the man behind the moustache at Loma Wax Company, and learned that there’s more to keeping your facial hair pretty than a good washing once in a blue moon.

Thomas Mulcahy: When did you start the Loma Wax Company?
Jesse Lanci: 
I’ve actually been testing the wax and ingredients for a little over two and a half years now. But the official start was probably about half a year ago. The last few months is actually when we’ve been selling products. It’s been in existence but it hasn’t really been out there on the market until a few months ago.

TM: How do the ingredients you use compare to the ingredients other people are using?
JL: Well, when I started growing my moustache, I looked at all of the different waxes and I decided that I wanted to support more of a local scene and it actually took me a few weeks to find something but I finally found something. I live in Grand Junction, which is in a valley with a whole bunch of other towns around, and within the whole area, I only found one place with moustache wax and that was Sally’s Beauty Salon. I was like come on, I’m growing a moustache and tying to be a man and do manly things, and now I have to walk into Sally’s Beauty Salon to buy hair products for my moustache. It wasn’t sitting well with me.

Then, the stuff that I got was neon white and not really even wax, it was more of a lotion almost and you put it in and it solidifies. And I couldn’t even pronounce the ingredients on the back. So for one, I don’t even know what I’m putting on my face now. I like more natural things with simple ingredients that I can pronounce. So I started researching and there are recipes online and I started making and tweaking my own and as far as the main ingredient was bee’s wax.

The next thing you have to do is find a way to soften the bee’s wax. Essentially, there are two main ingredients that are really good at softening the bee’s wax so you can mold it into your hair and that is petroleum jelly and lanolin. The good thing about petroleum jelly is that it doesn’t smell weird but it isn’t good for your hairs. Then lanolin is very good and natural unfortunately, a large portion of the population is actually allergic to lanolin because it is what makes wool waterproof. It’s a very good petroleum jelly substitute. But people develop really nasty allergies to it. The other thing is that it smells really potent. I’m not going to say it smells bad but it smells very strong. To me, it smells like a sheep’s ass. I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the only moustache wax makers that is using vitamin E oil in their wax. It’s a little more expensive but it’s really good for the hairs and I actually just kind of stumbled upon it one day. I use some of the best bee’s wax on the market and I mix in essential oils to make my waxes.

TM: Where did the name Loma come form?
In the Grand Junction area, it’s in a big valley with four or five other towns. One of the towns is very small; I don’t even think it has a post office. It’s kind of on the outskirts and it’s called Loma. The reason I chose that name is because it basically in-captures everything that my girlfriend and I love about the western part of Colorado. We’re huge rafters, we love going white water rafting and they have a great boat put in there, some incredible biking and hiking and you name it, Loma has it. Also it sounds more professional so it will be taken seriously and then later on in the brand’s life, we can take it to a more fun and quirky level.

TM: Is it your face on the cap of the moustache wax?
Yes, that is my face. I’m kind of proud of the label because I pretty much created everything on my own. I created the logo and the label. I had to learn photoshop and illustrator and it was quite the learning experience. It’s definitely something that I’m proud of. The eventual goal is to change the face up and get different men’s faces onto the wax containers. Maybe have a contest or something and get more involvement that way.

TH: How does your day job play into the Loma Wax Company?
Well currently, all of the work that I do with my wax company is in my free time which is kind of challenging because I travel a lot for my job and the Loma Wax Company has been more of a summer gig right now but I’ll be able to focus on it at more of a full time pace in the winter time.

TM: Where can someone buy your products?
At the moment, I have two ways or selling. It’s mainly word of mouth or if you go through my website on, there are several store links that will take you to an Etsy website. To be honest, I don’t really like selling off of Etsy, it seems a bit too complicated but at the stage where I’m at, it seems to be most doable.

Men, if you’ve been wanting to make that moustache stand out in the crowd, or your beard is in need of some wrangling, then look no further than the Loma Wax Company. Once you give these products a shot and your facial hair loves you, check out Jesse’s Kickstarter to get Loma Wax in stores across the Western United States.



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