Make Sure Your Sock FITS You Well

May 8, 2015

fits sockWe believe that socks are the underappreciated champions of the foot world. Think about it. Do shoes fit snugly against your toes and keep you warm in bed on a cold windy night? Do they slip on in an instant to protect your soles from a frosty winter floorboard? Do they have their own magical laundry elves that steal them somewhere in the washer and dryer due to their sheer awesomeness? No. No, they don’t. But socks do.

One of the original outfitters of stupendous sock apparel is FITS Socks. They’ve been in the game for quite a while now, and it’s time you become acquainted.

Finding the Right FITS
It’s fairly appropriate that these unassuming wonders got their start in the middle of nowhere, as many traditional American heroes do. You’ll find the birthplace of FITS Socks nestled away in Eastern Tennessee, just at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in a small town called Niota.

This one-stoplight town has a population of less than 1000 and is home to the oldest hosiery in the country, Crescent Sock Company.

The story goes that one blistery day in that small mountain oasis, just as the sun was peaking over the horizon a group of gentlemen on horseback (this is how we imagine it went down, at least) led by James L. Burn arrived at the local train depot. They were there to discuss women and business, as men do, and to come up with a plan to bring jobs to their floundering (but still awesome) town.

It was a particularly cold morning (probably) and one the men (we’ll call him Bob) noticed a funny tingling feeling in his big toe*. It was frostbite. The men realized something had to be done. Their children’s toes were at stake.

This was way back in 1902 before the invention of neoprene and nylon heels, when clothes were still made by hand, or at least partially. The men decided that, heck, why not open a hosiery mill? Everybody needs good hosiery.

They set forth establishing the Crescent Sock Co. hosiery mill. In honor of the train depot in which they developed their grandiose scheme, James L. Burns and his family and friends decided to name it after the Cincinnati-to-New Orleans route they were standing next to.

What’s In a Name?
Now when Crescent started they knew they’d have to team up with some of the biggest brands around to get their name out there. The family-owned business began partnering with other companies to help produce some of the finest socks the nation had ever seen.

Before long they realized they were onto something special. Gone were the days of people accepting just any old sock to cover their feet. They wanted something special—something that actually fit right. Crescent was up to the challenge.

The Crescent Sock Company began marketing its own socks under the FITS name. They prided themselves on creating performance socks that not only felt good, but got the job done well and didn’t slide off your feet when you slipped across a wooden floor. A man has to be able to pull off a Risky Business to impress his lady.

FITS utilized processes and materials far above the industry standard to create something that stood head and toe above the rest.

What Makes Them So Great?
FITS Socks emphasizes the need for a great fit. Rather than focus on the traditional foot-length model. their socks were designed with the total foot volume in mind. This way the sock fits you more like a glove than, well, a sock.

The socks are fashioned from the finest quality Merino wool available, meaning they’ll not only feel softer than a lamb but also wick away sweat, and help you avoid the smell of wet foot fungus that won’t come out of your shoe. They’re designed specifically with the modern outdoorsman in mind.

FITS utilizes what they call the Full Contact Fit™ scale to make sure their socks wrap perfectly around your soles. Unlike traditional sock sizing where one size is expected to cover about four or five shoe sizes, FITS socks cover two.

Their socks are guaranteed to fit your feet or they’ll swap them out for a new pair. Even those with gigantic Sasquatch feet can find a pair of FITS that’ll cuddle those monsters all day long.

What are you waiting for? Check out a pair while you still can.


*this may or may not have actually happened.



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