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Manly Drinks Sure to Impress this Holiday Season

December 17, 2014

Whether it’s to fight the chill or condition the palate, a strong drink during the holiday season is a must for most rugged outdoorsmen. Chosen not for their status, but rather, for their drinkability and complexity, the following craft beers, pungent scotches, and robust bourbons will delight your senses and add a touch of refinement to your already impressive collection.

Ardbeg Supernova
This Islay scotch comes by its name honestly, since one dram is enough to set off an explosion of the senses. Warm, pungently peaty, with notes of caramel and honey, this drink isn’t for the faint of heart but will satisfy the pickiest connoisseur.

Ten FIDY by Oskar Blues Brewery
Only for the manliest of men, this lion-heart of a stout roars with chocolate, coffee, and malt flavors. At 10.5% ABV (Hence, the catchy name.), this beer brewed in the quirky mountain town of Lyons, Colorado is sure to warm your body and overwhelm your senses.

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year
This award-winning bourbon is perfect for a night in or sitting around the campfire while on a winter camping adventure. The lingering smoky finish and hints of dried fruit make every sip savory and sweet all at the same time.

Oban 14 Year Old
This full-bodied scotch is robust in its flavors and its smooth palate makes this popular choice approachable. The light and fruity body makes it a perfect choice for those new to the scotch tasting scene and, unlike Ardbeg, it won’t shock the yet unrefined palate.

Mephistopheles by Avery Brewing Company
This Colorado stout is aged in bourbon barrels and, boasting anywhere from a 15%-17% ABV, packs a complex punch. Like velvet on the tongue and a robust liquorish flavor that pairs well with tiramisu, chocolate, or a fine cranberry-glazed steak, Mephistopheles is the perfect seasonal gift.

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
This distillery makes the list twice because, frankly, it’s just that good. Described by Ardbeg as “heady, intense, and powerful” this is a bold choice for any mountain man. With hints of blueberries, menthol, and a variety of spices, a dram is certain to arouse your senses on a chilly winter’s night. Not to mention, this is the perfect drink, sure to impress, when shared over cigars and good conversation during the holidays.

To add a personal touch when gifting these drinks, pair a cheese, chocolate, or smoked meat. This is sure to impress even the most stoic of outdoorsmen.



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