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Stay Dry This Winter With TransDRY Technology

January 19, 2015

If you’ve been checking out some of the awesome merchandise on 1816 you might have noticed that some of the products utilize something called TransDRY technology. If that left you scratching your head, fear not, because we’re here to let you know how it works and why you should want it in everything you wear.

What Does it Do?
TransDRY, at its core, is a water-resistant application that helps you stay dryer, longer. It’s designed to be used in a variety of cotton apparel worn by athletes and just about anyone that tends to get themselves into sweaty, snowy or otherwise wet situations. Long day out in the field lugging around fifty pounds of gear and guns and not wanting to smell like you haven’t showered in a week? TransDRY has you covered.

The application was developed by Cotton Incorporated and can be found in a lot of different products, from woven tops and denim to socks and even lingerie—if you’re into that kind of thing. Hey, we don’t judge.

It’s kind of an all-purpose solution for sweaty and/or wet conditions.

How Does it Work?
By playing with a lot of yarn. TransDRY combines traditional cotton yarn fabric with repellant yarn that creates a whole new type of cotton yarn fabric. See what we mean?

The final product creates a lower absorbent capacity, allowing your cotton clothes to wick moisture away more effectively. It’s designed to act in a similar fashion to that of nylon and polyester while still keeping the supple and soft feel of cotton.

Rather than allow the fabric to absorb moisture, like most products do, TransDRY forces it to travel away from the body toward the outside of the fabric. This allows the moisture to evaporate faster and causing it to, obviously, dry faster.

The company claims that products developed with TransDRY applications are able to dry twice as fast as untreated cotton products. The clothes remain dry and provide the same performance level as any synthetic fabric you’ll find. According to them the market is currently held to low standards when it comes to testing procedures and companies are able to make claims about a product’s moisture-wicking abilities that aren’t quite true, so you’ll find a lot of other products that don’t really do what they claim.

This isn’t the case with TransDRY.

What’s So Great About It?
A brief tour of the site will show you that TransDRY is currently available in their Fieldmaster knits, though more might show up down the road.

This incredibly awesome application is capable of opening the door to the kinds of clothing you can take with you on your next hunt. In the winter months, in particular, when the snow and rain kind of comes in a never-ending onslaught that leaves you soggy and down, TransDRY can help alleviate that watery feeling. You’ll feel dryer longer, allowing you to stay on the trail until your get your kill.

It’s a fascinating application that will definitely be seeping its way into more clothes down the line. Imagine an entire outfit you could wear—socks, pants, shirt, coat, hat, gloves—that stays try for twice as long as you’re used to.

You’d be far more likely to consider that Canadian moose-hunting trip you’ve been planning in the back of your mind if you knew you’d be able to tough out that weather just a little more easily, huh?

Go ahead and check it out because, if nothing else, at least you know you’ll look going wearing it.



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