The 20 Best Hunting Clubs in the Midwest

May 1, 2015


From the grouse thickets of Michigan to the agricultural fields of Iowa, the midwest has a lot to offer a hunting sportsman. Here’s some of the best hunting clubs in the area.


Harpole’s Heartland Lodge
Location: Nebo, Illinois
Type of Club: Outfitter and resort
Game: Whitetail, waterfowl, pheasant, quail, turkey
Description: Whether it’s the trophy whitetails, gobbling tom turkeys, fast flushing pheasants and quail, or just a relaxing weekend in the Illinois countryside that draw you, you won’t be disappointed with Harpole’s Heartland Lodge. Located in Pike county Illinois, an area known for harboring record book whitetails and tons of turkeys, this place is a hunter’s paradise. Upland hunts include guide and dog service or you can bring your own dog and give him a workout on the Lodge’s exquisite habitat.

Hilltop Meadows Hunt Club
Location: Fulton, Illinois
Type of Club: Members, paying guests (on weekdays only)
Game: Pheasant, chukar, quail, hungarian partridge, whitetail, turkey, dove, waterfowl
Description: Hunters can choose to join on an annual basis or pay week day trespass fees. The area is managed to provide the best wildlife habitat possible through the use of controlled burns, invasive species removal, and planting of food plots, trees, and native grasses. A refurbished farmhouse is available for overnight guests where the house chef will prepare your meals, even using the birds from the day’s hunt if you’d like.

Hopewell Views Hunt Club
Location: Rockport, Illinois
Type of Club: Members, paying guests
Game: Pheasant, Red-legged partridge, quail, whitetail, turkey
Description: With access to over 7,000 acres of mature hardwoods, CRP fields, and rolling hills Hopewell Views has the perfect habitat for your favorite game animal, whatever that may be. The whitetail, turkey, and upland hunting in the area are all amazing and, by buying a membership, you can lock in lower pricing and nearly guarantee yourself a chance of taking the animal of your choice.


Tails of the Hunt Outfitters
Location: Bedford, Iowa
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, turkey
Description: Located on the Iowa/Missouri border, Tails of the Hunt gives hunters the opportunity to kill record book whitetails and hard gobbling spring turkeys in both states. Their vast network of private hunting land allows them to limit hunting pressure and increase your chances of bagging a trophy.

Timber Ghost
Location: Mediapolis, Iowa
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail
Description: Timber Ghost gives their hunters an option of how to harvest a trophy whitetail. Those looking for a traditional free range hunt have the opportunity to take a buck with a gun or bow. If you’re looking to stack the odds in your favor, Timber Ghost also provides preserve hunts for bucks scoring up to 350″.


Hickory Creek Outfitters
Location: Howard, Kansas
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, turkey, predators, waterfowl
Description: Hickory Creek leases 30 ranches across three counties for a total of over 34,000 acres of prime southern Kansas hunting ground. They plant hundreds of acres of food plots each year and scout constantly to give you the best chance of harvesting a trophy whitetail or Rio Grande turkey. The area is full of predators just waiting to come to your calls and the waterfowl hunting is hard to beat.


Deer Creek Hunt Club
Location: Three Oaks, Michigan
Type of Club: Members, paying guests
Game: Pheasant, chukar
Description: This private hunt club is located in the southwest corner of Michigan, just over an hour away from Chicago. They offer hunts for pheasant and chukar including professional guides and dogs. If clay targets are more up your alley, they offer skeet, wobble, sporting clays, and five stand courses to keep your shooter’s eye on target.


Pine Ridge Grouse Camp
Location: Remer, Minnesota
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Ruffed grouse, woodcock
Description: Pine Ridge offers hunters the full Minnesota grouse hunting experience. Their lodge is comfortable and their guides have decades of experience working with dogs and finding ruffed grouse and woodcock. The only thing you have to worry about is hitting these fast flyers.


Border Bucks Outfitters
Location: Allendale, Missouri
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, turkey, predators, pheasant, quail, chukar
Description: Border Bucks is a family owned and operated business with over 20,000 acres of private hunting land. They offer hunters the opportunity to hunt northwest Missouri, an area known for producing some of the world’s biggest whitetails. They also offer spring turkey hunts. Upland hunting on their shooting preserve can be added to any hunt for an additional fee.

Hickory Hill Hunts
Location: Arbela, Missouri
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, turkey
Description: Hickory Hill is located just four miles from the Iowa border. Tags are available over the counter and rifle hunting coincides with the Missouri rut. Tightly controlled hunting areas, combined with strict game management policies give hunters a great chance to take the trophy of a lifetime.

Honey Creek Outfitters
Location: Trenton, Missouri
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, turkey
Description: Honey Creek offers hunters the chance to chase Missouri’s legendary whitetails and turkeys. With three lodges and over 11,000 acres of prime private hunting ground, you’ll get a chance to learn what hunting Missouri is all about. Stands and blinds are set up by the outfitter and trail camera photos let you know what kind of critters are lurking on the property.


D&E Outfitters
Location: Stuart, Nebraska
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, mule deer, antelope, turkey
Description: The husband and wife team of Don and Annie Swhandt strives to make every new hunter “come as a stranger and leave as a friend.” They offer hunts in both Nebraska and South Dakota and have been putting their clients on trophy animals since 2004. Hunters can book fully guided or self guided hunts, depending on what they are looking for.

Hilltop Hunting Lodge
Location: Sargent, Nebraska
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Pheasant, quail, mule deer, whitetail, turkey
Description: Hilltop sits on 3,500 acres of prime Nebraska habitat. With 175 acres of food plots and 1200 acres of CRP, the mix of food and and cover attract all types of game. All hunts are fully guided and upland hunts include dogs, or you can bring your own.

Pheasant Bonanza
Location: Tekamah, Nebraska
Type of Club: Members and paying guests
Game: Pheasant, quail, chukar, waterfowl, whitetail
Description: Pheasant Bonanza holds thousands of acres managed for upland game birds, a sporting clays course and on-site lodging. Members receive discounts, apparel, and year round access to training fields, depending on membership levels.


Seraphim Ranch
Location: West Union, Ohio
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, upland birds, turkey, waterfowl
Description: Seraphim Ranch is located in Adams County, Ohio, one of the top producers of Boone and Crockett bucks in the nation. With five choices on where to stay, there’s the perfect lodging for everyone. Habitat is managed for wildlife and with 9,000 acres of private land, this could be the hunt of a lifetime. The ranch also offers hunters a chance to brush up on their shooting skills at their 5-stand, skeet, and sight in ranges.

South Dakota

Horse Feathers Lodge
Location: Pierre, South Dakota
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Pheasant, prairie chicken
Description: Rated one of the six best wild bird hunting lodges in North America, Horse Feathers will not disappoint. Lodge owner Bob Tinker strives to conserve the precious gamebirds his ranch holds by hunting an area only one or two times per season. Horsemen will be thrilled to experience horseback hunts behind Tinker’s award-winning English Setters.

Pheasant City Lodge
Location: Wessington, South Dakota
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse
Description: The Lodge’s nearly 9,000 acres include food plots, waterways, tree strips, and marshes. In other words, perfect pheasant habitat. Overnight guests stay in a 5,550 square foot lodge overlooking an 80 acre lake and rolling plains. The owners have created an interesting new breed of gun dog by crossing labs with german short-haired pointers. Hunters are guaranteed to see hundreds of wild pheasants in a day’s hunt.

Paul Nelson Farm
Location: Gettysburg, South Dakota
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Pheasant
Description: Paul Nelson Farm is the perfect place to spend time with your family, business colleagues, or sweetheart, and, oh yeah, shoot a bunch of rooster pheasants. The main lodge, buffalo suites, and the king lodge all offer the five star treatment with rustic, but elegant, finishes and all the amenities one would expect at a fine hotel or resort. The 98% return rate is a testament to the quality of the hunting and overall experience at this unparalleled bird hunting destination.

Tumbleweed Lodge
Location: Harrold, South Dakota
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Pheasant, hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, waterfowl
Description: Step out the door of the Tumbleweed Lodge and you are in the middle of 12,000 acres of grasslands, corn and sorghum fields, shelter belts, creek beds, and slough bottoms. These folks have a serious passion for developing and improving upland habitat. This makes for a great hunt and at the end of the day you’ll enjoy a delicious meal and, if you like, a smoke in the cigar room or a drink at the top shelf bar.


Bluff Bucks Outfitters
Location: Buffalo County, Wisconsin
Game: Whitetail, turkey
Description: Bluff Bucks Outfitters’ clients hunt on over 4,000 acres of private land, most of which has been in a quality deer management program since the 1980s. That, along with their careful scouting, stand placement and selection, and minimal pressure on their properties has been the secret to their success. Hunters have an 80% chance of getting a shot at a buck scoring 130″ or more. At the end of long day of hunting, you can relax in their five-star accommodations.



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