The 35 Best Hunting Clubs in the Southeast

April 22, 2015

upland bird huntingFrom the hard rock Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina down to the palmetto marsh of the Everglades and the East to the waterfowl-thick Mississippi Delta, the Southeastern United States has some of the best and most exclusive hunting preserves in the country.


Big T Hunting Preserve
Location: Lafayette, Alabama
Type of Club: Management sanctuary for members and guests. Also offers turkey-only memberships
Game: Wild turkey, deer, dove, waterfowl
Descriptions: Located between Auburn and Lafayette, Big T has over 3,000 acres of mixed hardwoods and planted pines that nestle some 30 green fields. They have a wide and carefully managed game selection that provides the multi-disciplined sportsman with a number of options ranging from looking for duck on their 10 acre lake and swam marsh or turning to big spring toms. They also provide cleaning sheds, walk-in coolers, and clubhouse areas.

Church Hill Hunting Club
Location: Dallas, Alabama
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Whitetail, turkey, dove, predators, bass
Descriptions: Using strict trophy management, this 2,100-acre club along the Blue Girth Swamp boasts an average buck age of 4.5 years and weight of 200-pounds. Besides whitetail, there is abundant turkey in the spring and dove in the fall as well as stocked lakes managed for trophy bass that often go over the 10-pound mark. For those interested in coyotes, fox, and bobcats, they too are available. The lodge is a historic 4,000 square foot home with modern amenities to include satellite TV and whirlpools.

Hillcrest Hunting Club
Location: Chilton, Alabama
Type of Club: Members, Paying guests
Game: Deer, turkey, small game
Descriptions: Located in West Central Alabama, this historic club has grown from humble beginnings over the past several generations to encompass over 10,000 acres and 118 food plots. They offer double shooting houses and have a wide array of land that varies from clear cuts to hardwoods and swamps.

Leavellwood Hunting Lodge
Location: Greene County, Alabama
Type of Club: Outfitter with day, week, and corporate rates
Game: Trophy buck, bass, dove and turkey.
Descriptions: Located in Alabama’s famous Blackbelt, where some 85 percent of the state’s record deer are taken, Leavellwood is in an excellent neighborhood. A strict game management and conservation program that include more than 200 acres of supplemental food plots translates into guests harvesting massive Boone and Crocket bucks scoring up to 180 class. If fishing is more your game during the warm months, they have over 100 acres of lakes and fully outfitted bass boats on site. A 6,000 square foot lodge with vaulted pavilion and massive outdoor fireplace will get you through the night on multi-day expeditions.

Southern Pines Hunting Club
Location: Sylacauga, Alabama
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Trophy whitetail, turkey
Descriptions: Established in 1993 the 1800-acre club is in the center of a more than 10,000-acre preserve that is managed with trophy bucks in mind. They have an extensive feeding program across 27 plots that contribute to maximum body and antler growth with an average buck population approaching five years of age. This club has been featured in numerous national sportsman’s magazines.

Westervelt Lodge
Location: Aliceville, Alabama
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Wing shooting dove hunts as a specialty but also trophy whitetail deer (eight or more points) and turkey
Descriptions: The first commercial hunting lodge established in Alabama, Westervelt is a legend that has endured in the Heart of Dixie since the 1950s. A 12,000-acre retreat for the discerning sportsman, they offer everything from afternoon plantation-style dove hunts– complete with their famous fried chicken lunch to extended whitetail hunting experiences that include staff keeping you updated on the latest football scores. You can also warm up on their clay ranges or take advantage of guided archery hunts. There is little wonder that hunting legends such as Fred Bear, Tom Kelly, Ben Rodgers Lee, and Coach Bud Grant have hunted the Westervelt.


Outwest Farms
Location: Okeechobee, Florida
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Alligator, wild boar, Osceola turkey
Descriptions: When you think of South Florida hunting the prospect of monster swamp lizards come to mind and Outwest Farms has you covered. With a record of harvesting over 5,000 gators over six feet long since 1988, they offer guided hunts from swamp buggies for both rifle and bow hunters and are so confident that you will get the animal you are happy with that they have a no-pay policy if you don’t. If a challenging long beard hunt, the notoriously clever Osceola turkey, often described as the hardest gobbler to bag, is also on their list of specialties.

Ramsey Bend Hunt Club
Location: Cross City, Florida
Type of Club: Exclusively members only
Game: Deer, hogs, turkey
Descriptions: An old school dog club that has been around for generations, Dixie County’s Ramsey Bend has some 40,000 acres of prime hunting land with a mixture of planted pines and hardwoods to call its own. Members enjoy traditional hunting of a well-maintained whitetail population.

Razor Ranch
Location: Zolfo Springs, Florida
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, wild boar, Osceola turkey, exotics
Descriptions: With over 30 years in the business and a sprawling estate of Florida oak hammocks, cypress, open fields, and Florida palmetto, the Razor offers no less than 18 different species that can be harvested through stalk or stand. All of your native Florida game animals to include 200+ point deer and 750-pound hogs are available. Primitive weapon hunts using spears and knives for wild boar are on the table. Should native species bore you, they also offer hunts from their private herds of elk, fallow deer, wild boar, blackbuck, stags, Pere David deer, and water buffalo with their team of safari-experienced guides.

Roberts Ranch Game Preserve
Location: Palatka, Florida
Type of Club: Annual memberships and 1-3 day hunts
Game: Released pheasant. Deer, hog, turkey, and exotics
Descriptions: Located on 7,000 acres of planted pines, oak hammocks and hardwood creek bottoms, has made an effort to take the guesswork out of 300+ inch buck trophy hunting by isolating what they describe as genetically the best deer in Florida for their operation. If wing shooting is your style, Roberts specializes in released pheasant hunts. They also offer exotics such as red stag, blackbuck, and axis deer (one of which was recently harvested with 36 inch long main beams.)

Switch Grass Outfitters
Location: Christmas, Florida
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Alligator, hog, Osceola turkey
Descriptions: Specializing in estuary hunts in which your main means of transportation is a 700-hp airboat; Switch Grass is a free chase outfitter near Orlando that will get you close enough to get that wild gator, hog, or big tom. Offering either dog or still hunts for hogs with no trophy fees, they specialize in family hunting experiments. The SGO guides will also help you through demanding nightime gator hunts along the “1,000 Gator per Mile” St. John’s River by harpoon or bow while their taxidermists can create your custom purses and wallets and send them to you.


Blue Ghost Outfitters
Location: Douglas, Georgia
Type of Club: Outfitter.
Game: Wild hog and boar
Descriptions: With access to over 50,000 acres of prime Georgia farmland along the Ocmulgee River system, BGO is a unique Peachtree State outfitter in the respect that they offer high technology night hunts in addition to their daytime trips. Using military quality 3rd Generation night vision coupled with .308 caliber semi-automatic rifles, their professional guides have you covered from target practice to processing your harvest. Best yet, you are helping local farmers by controlling nuisance wildlife through fair chase practices.

Briar Creek Sportsman Club
Location: Waynesboro, Georgia
Type of Club: Members only to include individuals, family and corporate memberships
Game: Whitetail, rabbit, squirrel, duck, dove, turkey, and predators
Descriptions: Whether its mornings spent in the stand or afternoon dog hunts, Briar Creek offers some of the best deer hunting in the state. Their booming whitetail population spread over 15,000 acres is quality rated and trophy managed. During the summer months, three large natural ponds teem with bass, catfish and bream while the shoreline makes a great site for a bonfire or camp out.

Buckeyes Plantation
Location: Jersey, Georgia
Type of Club: Outfitter specializing in groups and corporate outings
Game: Deer, upland game, turkey, duck
Descriptions: Buckeyes dates back to the 1800s and is a true Southern plantation estate with an 18-bed professionally decorated lodge and restaurant that is so well apportioned that you almost don’t want to go out in the field. A close drive from Atlanta, they have some of the finest pheasant habitat in Georgia and run regular tower shoots September thru April. During waterfowl season, the extensive flooded green timber, sloughs, and flooded fields on the grounds offer some of the best Canadian geese, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, and blue-winged teal in the Southeast.

Gray Ghost Plantation
Location: Butler, Georgia
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Turkey, Bob white quail, deer
Descriptions: This central Georgia outfitter offers exceptional turkey hunting in the spring, deer in the fall and winter and quail hunting during season. With 1,100 acres of rolling hills, oak timber hardwoods, and swamp bottoms, they only harvest 8 point or better bucks with a minimum of 15-inch spread, which tells a lot about their low-pressure whitetail herd. Their expert guides are experienced with managing corporate group hunts.

Oconee Ridge
Location: Tennille, Georgia
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Deer, turkey, dove, hog
Descriptions: This 1,300-acre private estate in Southern Georgia comprises timberland, rolling hills and creek bottoms. Their expert guides promise to get visiting sportsmen within “tail grabbing distance” while on the trail of wild hog and trophy quality (minimum 14 inch inside spread) bucks. A massive log-cabin style lodge with luxurious accommodations, 25 person dining hall, and 200-yard rifle range and clays stands provide relaxation after a hard day of hunting.


Giles Island
Location: Near Natchez, Mississippi
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Waterfowl, deer, alligator, turkey, small game
Descriptions: On 9,400 acres along the Mississippi, historic Giles Island is near the pinnacle of Deep South outdoor sports experiences. With bucks weighing in as high as 280 pounds and several of their trophies scoring over 170 inches, its no surprise that Giles is often featured on outdoor television productions. Besides the excellent hunting, the outfitter boasts a 6,700 square foot lodge with luxurious five star accommodations and private rooms.

Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve
Location: Hermanville, Mississippi
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, eastern wild turkey, exotics
Descriptions: Located on a 12,000-acre family farm in Southwest Mississippi, Hickory Hills specialty is whitetail hunting over acorn flats and hardwood bottoms. With a mature herd that is extensively cultivated and maintained, sportsmen typically see as many as thirty racked bucks per hunt and harvest trophies that average 120 Boone and Crockett inches. For those who want a taste of Europe, a 2,000-acre preserve inside the farm is stocked with Russian hogs, Axis, Sika, and a variety of Fallow deer and are open year round. A 10,000 square foot lodge that can accommodate company meetings boasts fireplaces, satellite television, and private rooms.

Lobutcha Hunting Club
Location: Winston County, Mississippi
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Deer, turkey, upland game, small game
Descriptions: A fifty-year old private hunting club in North Mississippi that boasts over 12,000 acres of scenic rolling pine woodland, huge clear cuts, planted pine cutovers of all ages and hardwood creek bottoms, Lobutcha is one of the best known dog clubs in the Magnolia State. With 45 miles of roads behind their gates, the sprawling club offers members a chance at trophy ducks that have gone up to 177 inches when scored. Although walkers and beagles are near-standard, the club also provides extensive opportunity for still hunters.

Tara Wildlife
Location: Eagle Lake, Mississippi
Type of Club: Archery-only outfitter
Game: Whitetail
Descriptions: Running eight miles along the mighty Mississippi, Tara is located on 9,000 acres of oxbow lakes and bottomland hardwood forests. Specializing as a bow hunter destination, the over 300 Pope and Young Class bucks have been harvested their over the last five seasons– some going as large as 320 pounds. While the woods are quiet save for the sounds of bowstrings and fletches, you can bring your favorite shotgun for a round of clays or skeet at their 20-station course that meanders through wooded trails. With two lodges and three cabins, Tara can accommodate as many as 75 guests at a time and can accommodate large groups and corporate get aways.

North Carolina

Burney Wing and Gun Club
Location: Pender County, North Carolina
Type of Club: Semi-private member club with public day hunts and pheasant tower shoots
Game: Duck, dove, pheasant, turkey, deer
Descriptions: Although just 350 acres, Burney is well known among Wilmington-area sportsmen, having been a part of the community for over four decades. Primarily a shotgun club with a pheasant tower, professional skeet field, and wobbler trap course, they have an exclusive membership but also schedule corporate hunts and clay events. During waterfowl season, a flooded duck impoundment hosts several thousand Wood ducks, Mallards, Black ducks, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwalls, and Ringnecks, allowing excellent opportunities for waterfowl.

Choanoke Outfitters
Location: Woodland, North Carolina
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail, black bear, predators, turkey, quail, waterfowl
Descriptions: Spread across three counties, Choanoke’s 10,000 acres of hunting lands have everything from swamp bottoms and marshlands to hardwoods and grain fields. With a very long whitetail season that runs from early September through January and some 80 stands, the outfitter focuses on a personalized hunting experience, specializing in small groups and family deer hunts. They also have a cozy but fully equipped lodge that directly abuts a deer population that has had very low hunting pressure.

Jones Island Club
Location: New Bern, North Carolina
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Waterfowl, deer
Descriptions: Located on 5,000 acres on Pamlico Sound, along the North Carolina coast, Jones Island is an exclusive gentleman’s sporting club with a concentration on duck hunting. With a choice of hunting from blinds set over some 25-miles of coastline, 60 acres of flooded freshwater Milo and Japanese Millet fields, or a 250-acre saltwater impoundment, Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeon, and Gadwall are abundant. During deer season, the club also offers stand hunting on both the island and mainland.

Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge
Location: Jackson, North Carolina
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Deer, turkey, black bear
Descriptions: Located along some 7,000 acres of crop fields of peanuts, soybeans, clover, and milo to hardwood ridges, pine thickets, swamp bottoms, and cutover in Northhampton County, this North Carolina outfitter enjoys one of the highest concentrations of white tails in the state. Offering rifle, archery and muzzleloader opportunities for trophy deer, a lucky sportsman can find himself harvesting a black bear if they come across one during the coinciding season in November and December. A recently modernized five-bedroom farmhouse complete with southern home cooking serves as the lodge.

Sawmill Hunt Club
Location: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Deer, black bear, turkey, waterfowl, predators
Descriptions: Located on two 3,500-acre plots, this private club about an hour from Raleigh conducts fair chase still hunts that specialize in whitetail. The deer population is extensively maintained through mixed grain feed plots and corn feeders while nearly 200 stands are strategically placed around the hunting grounds. Sawmill also boasts a 4000 square foot four star lodge as well as four individual bunkhouses, walk in freezers and skinning sheds.

South Carolina

Black River Plantation
Location: New Zion, South Carolina
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Deer, hog, turkey, alligator, predators, waterfowl
Descriptions: Located in the same neck of the woods that Francis “The Swam Fox” Marion used to fool the British in 1776, the more than 3,000 acres of hardwood lowlands used by Black River teem with wildlife. They allow for trophy buck (at least six point with 14-inch spread), wild boar with dogs and turkey. With large areas of flooded timber and waterfowl impoundments, they offer extensive chances at teal, mallards, and wood ducks during season. Catering to corporate and group hunts, they have four cabins that are all fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area.

Bostick Plantation
Location: Estill, South Carolina
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Deer, hog, turkey
Descriptions: Running across over 2,000 acres of low country along the Savannah River, the Bostick has been in the game business for nearly forty years as a premier buck (16-inch spread minimum harvest) and hog outfitter. With more than 300 tower stands and shooting houses across their extensively maintained habitat that includes planted pines, cropland, rye patches, and food plots, they have a strict fair chase policy and offer exceptional bow hunting experiences. Part of a land grant that has been in the same family since King George III, the plantation offers an executive lodge with an elegant atmosphere that can accommodate large groups and corporate get aways in style.

Cedar Ridge Plantation
Location: Bradley, South Carolina
Type of Club: Members and corporate retreats
Game: deer, turkey, hogs, and upland game
Descriptions: A classic southern hunting preserve centered on a Civil War-era farmhouse with five star accommodations, Cedar Ridge is professionally managed. With some 7,000 acres under their care, a team that includes a full time wildlife biologist, QDMA Level III deer stewards and a private wildlife habitat consulting team ensure that the whitetail population on site is the best it can be, allowing harvesting of mature bucks over 4.5 years of age. For wing shooters, their 50-acre sunflower dove field has been called one of the best in South Carolina. They strive to achieve a country club atmosphere for gentlemen outdoorsmen.

Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge
Location: Garnett, South Carolina
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Whitetail deer, wild boar, eastern wild turkey, and alligators
Descriptions: Near the Savannah River on the Georgia line, the 10,000 acres of Cypress Creek is a well-managed habitat of hardwood bottoms, planted pines, swamps, and cut over areas that teem with wildlife. They offer quality trophy whitetail hunts in which the visiting sportsman may take hogs and coyotes encountered at no additional charge. With a ratio of one stand for every 150 acres of land, multiple deer opportunities and selective harvesting are assured.

Piedmont Hunt Club
Location: Wateree, South Carolina
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Deer, turkey, hog, waterfowl, small game
Descriptions: Spread across 10,000 acres in Fairfield and Chester County, Piedmont is a non-profit family-oriented incorporated hunting club. Boasting sustainable populations of deer and turkey, the club has averaged nearly 200 deer harvested each season with a mandatory 15 inch wide outside antler spread. Annual youth deer and turkey hunts as well as club cookouts are held throughout the year.


Ames Plantation
Location: Grand Junction, Tennessee
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Deer, turkey, wing shooting
Descriptions: Located on 18,400 acres of some of the best QDM managed deer habitat in West Tennessee, Ames has long been renowned for producing beautiful mature whitetails. In fact, it is often used as a wildlife research facility by several big name Southeastern universities as well as international scholars. As befitting the home of the National Field Trial for bird dogs, you can expect to find abundant quail and dove opportunities at Ames for its limited membership.

Dunaway Hunting and Fishing Club
Location: Dunlap, Tennessee
Type of Club: Members only
Game: Deer, turkey, upland game
Descriptions: About an hour north of Chattanooga along the Cumberland Plateau, the 7,800 contiguous acres of the Dunaway club is a true sportsman’s retreat for its members. With a full time staff that includes a resident wildlife biologist, a high-protein, supplemental feeding program keeps the local whitetails in excellent health, producing some monster bucks with exceptional antler growth. For wing shooters, local guides and club dogs are available for quail and pheasants as well as woodcock and grouse. As befitting blue grass country, equestrian opportunities and a variety of sport shooting venues are also open to club members.

Heavenly Hollows
Location: McEwen, Tennessee
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Deer, turkey
Descriptions: Located about an hour outside of Nashville, this outfitter specializes in quality deer hunting using fair chase practices with miles of trails and over fifty tower stands located throughout its 2,500 acres of farmland. A strict management program and extensive use of high protein food plots in the off-season produce exceptional whitetails. On site, lodging is included in your deer and turkey hunts.

Wilderness Hunting Lodge
Location: Monterey, Tennessee
Type of Club: Outfitter
Game: Russian and Razorback wild boar, exotics
Descriptions: Nestled in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, this specialized outfitter offers the experience of a world of different hunts during the day balanced with old fashion down home cooking and classic accommodations. Stocked with hard-charging wild boar, the lodge’s guides will walk you through thrilling adrenaline-filled hunts against a tough adversary. They also stock more than 25 assorted exotics including bull elk, water buffalo, Sika and Axis deer and a number of hard to find rams such as Dall’s, Corsican, Aoudad and Black Hawaiian.

Windsor Woods
Location: Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Type of Club: Outfitter as well as private club memberships
Game: Deer and turkey
Descriptions: Located on a 1,000-acre ranch, Windsor Woods offers semi and fully guided single and multiday deer and turkey hunts to the discerning outdoorsman. With a number of diverse stands over a wide range of habitat, they cater to bow, rifle and muzzle loader equipped deer hunters alike.



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