The Gentleman’s Guide To Grooming

December 12, 2014


Tracking down the perfect beard oil, mastering the art of seemingly effortless hair, finding the perfect barber, indispensable tools, and other tricks of the trade to help the discerning man look and feel his best on a daily basis.  Looking to join the ranks of impeccably groomed gentlemen? Behold, the ultimate guide to grooming for men.

Make Friends With Your Barber
You’re not in college any more which means that it’s time to establish a regular hair routine. Scraggly, unkempt hair isn’t a good look, regardless of who’s sporting it. If you haven’t already, make it your goal to form a solid relationship with a barber who makes you feel like a million bucks every time you visit. Ask your friends, do a little research, or just stop the next guy you see with great hair and ask him where he gets it cut. Once you’re in, make it a habit to go for a trim every 6 weeks or so, depending on your style.

Settle On A Hairstyle
There’s no use in getting a killer hair cut if you’re just going to go home and leave it to its own devices. Granted, a great cut often means minimal maintenance but it doesn’t hurt to have a general idea as to how to style your mane. Ask your barber or hair stylist how to perfect the look you’re after and don’t be afraid to pick up a product or two. Waxes, pomades, and texture balms are great tools to help create an effortless yet polished look without making you seem as if though you’re trying too hard. While you’re at it, make sure that you’re using a shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type. Trust us, it makes a difference.

Master The Art Of The Shave
You could stick to your disposable razor and drug store shaving cream but honestly, you can do so much better. With all of the products on the market today, there’s really no excuse for a bad shave. Lots of men swear by the safety razor, the old school tool that, once mastered, provides the perfect shave, every single time. Merkur is a classic but feel free to experiment. As far as cream is concerned, consider swapping the can for some shaving soap. Typically sold in the form of a puck, the soap is placed in a mug that you use, in conjunction with a brush, to work up a rich lather. Shaving soap is available to suit virtually all skin types and offers a great, close shave the leaves your skin healthy and moisturized. When purchasing a brush, look for natural bristles and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra. You get what you pay for and when it comes to your face, only the best will do.

Develop A Skincare Regimen
While we’re not advocating a 5 step process that will have you running late for work every morning, there’s something to be said about going beyond the old soap-and-water schtick. Taking good care of your skin is like an investment in your future. 50 year old you will be grateful that 30 year old you decided to step up your game sooner rather than later. Look for a gentle cleanser formulated for your skin type. While brands like Aesop and Kiehl’s are generally solid options, you can’t go wrong with the classic Cetaphil. Always follow up with a good moisturizer, preferably one containing SPF.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience
Cheap soap does the trick when it comes to getting clean but it also tends to strip your skin of its moisture and generally doesn’t smell so hot. Rather than grabbing whatever happens to be on sale, try taking the time to find a soap or body wash that genuinely works with your skin. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, nor do you have to buy anything that smells too flowery. In fact, one of the most beloved body washes around is Dr. Bronner’s, which comes in a handful of inoffensive smells (including an unscented option for the fragrance-adverse), can be diluted and made to last forever, and features a trippy label that makes for some solid shower reading material. Keep things going once the water’s been turned off with a layer of moisturizer. The trick is to apply the cream when your skin is still damp in order to help seal in the moisture. Look for something heavier during the winter and then switch to a lighter weight blend when it warms up again.

Know Thy Facial Hair
We all have that friend that rocks a moustache better than any model ever could. Unfortunately, not everyone is that guy. Part of having facial hair is knowing what looks good. While most can agree that the soul patch that you so carefully cultivated in your undergrad years was a bad idea, it’s alarming how many grown men still haven’t gotten into a solid whisker groove even years later. Poll your most honest friends, analyze some photos, and think about what makes you feel best. Skip anything too trendy (unless, of course, it looks amazing on you) and no matter what you settle on, always keep things tidy. If you’ve got a beard, treat it with the respect that it deserves by keeping it well oiled. You want something that’s comprised of high quality ingredients like Loma Wax Company’s beard oil. Jojoba and vitamin E oils combined with top notch essential oils make for a luxurious conditioner that will leave you smelling incredible. More of a moustache man? Keep it looking its best with a custom hold wax that allows you to keep things stylish and healthy.



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