The World’s Best Spots for Hunting Vacations

July 22, 2015

HuntingHunting in our own backyard is a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s nice to spice things up. When you’re planning your next hunting vacation, seriously consider giving these places a try. They provide some of the most exotic game or, at least, a fun locale in which to bag it.

Cordoba, Argentina
There’s probably no better place on Earth for bird hunters to flock to than Argentina. With loose shooting restrictions and an abundance of winged wonders floating around, you’re guaranteed to get your fill. Cordoba itself harbors roughly 50 million doves alone, and it’s location in northern Argentina means there are buffalo, antelopes and capybara aplenty.

Quebec, Canada
Canada is so close and affordable it’s like cheating to take a vacation here. Honestly, the whole country has much to offer in terms of hunting, but Quebec has unique experiences in seal and arctic fox hunting. You can also bag yourself a moose or two while you’re at it.

New Zealand
Not only is New Zealand stunningly beautiful and one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world, but it’s also a great place to hunt. The country holds an abundance of boar, ram and chamois, but the real prize here is the red stag. These monstrous beasts patrol the countryside and make for a rare prize if you can bag one.

Tanzania, Africa
Of all the wonderful and exotic places to hunt big game in Africa, Tanzania easily takes the cake as the best and brightest. The country is home to most of the Big 5 including lions, leopards and elephants, but you’ll also have a variety of gerenuk, kunduk and other exotic species to choose from. Plus, you know, it’s Africa and that means it’s probably on the top of every hunter’s bucket list. It’s time to mark it off.

Pripyat River, Belarus
Belarus isn’t a place you often hear as a prime vacation spot, but for a hunter it provides one very unique and exciting experience – the European bison. This is ideally a winter vacation spot when the 2,000 pound bison are in season, so between October and March is the best time to try and bring one down. The area also has large populations of wolves and deer to keep you occupied, too.

Cambodia shut down hunting operations way back in 1954 and has steadily been welcoming them back over the last few years. If nothing else, it certainly makes for a unique vacation experience. The country is laced with jungles harboring prizes like large reptiles, birds and occasionally elephants. Be sure to check for local laws and permits before trying to hunt here.

Namibia, Africa
If Tanzani isn’t your cup of tea, or you’ve already been there done that, the next best African destination lies in Namibia. The country is a prime spot for Big 5 hunters as well as those looking to bag zebra, wildebeests, giraffes or, really, just about any animal you can find in Africa. Don’t count on an opportunity to bag an elusive black rhino, though, unless you’ve got a few hundred thousand lying around to bid on it.



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