Wool Up For Christmas

December 22, 2014

Still stuck trying to figure out what to get your dad or brother for Christmas? You can’t go wrong with a nice wool jacket or vest. Here are a few reasons it’s time to ditch the Under Armour for some classier duds.

They’re Warmer
It doesn’t get much warmer than wool. I mean, come on, animals are coated in the stuff for a reason fellas. Even our ancestors were using this stuff as far back as 8000 B.C. before any of that synthetic stuff came about.

So how does it keep you warm, you ask? Well, wool acts as a hydroscopic insulator and is capable of keeping you warm or cold based on the weather around you. Since wool fibers stretch up against one another rather than lie side by side they’re able to form tiny air pockets. The air pockets trap heat rather than allow it to move throughout, which has the effect of keeping you warm. The same goes for keeping you cool in the summer months.

So, really, a wool jacket is the gift the keeps on giving all year long.

While cashmere might outdo wool overall in the warmth department, wool actually stands up better in the snow. So if you want to keep your dad (or yourself) dry in the winter months while still looking stylish, check out a wool coat like the Walker Wool Coat.

They’ll Keep You Dry
Layering a nice wool vest overtop a light jacket will go a long way in keeping you dry on a snowy day. Wool excels at wicking moisture away from the body and is able to soak in up to 30 percent of it’s own weight in water before you’ll starting feeling wet.

Wool fiber also contains a layer of skin-like film called the epicuticle that helps to repel water.

Fun fact: wool is also much more resistant to fire than cotton. Don’t go tripping into a campfire in order test it out—just take our word for it.

They’re Studious
Europeans might not beat us at much (just kidding—sort of), but they do have a keener sense of style. Don’t believe us? Check out the Tuscanian Quilted Wool Vest. Those Italians have been at work making some the best wool clothing in the industry for a few hundred years now and we think they’ve got it down pat at this point.

There’s next to nothing that won’t look better covered in a nice wool vest. Pop a cigar in the pocket and you’re ready to go. Plus, we’re pretty sure the ladies will love it.

Let’s be honest, those rows of Under Armour coats lining the local sporting goods store are designed more for a teenage boy on the track team, aren’t they? Synthetic is for boys, wool is gentlemen.

They’re a Great Deal
Look, nobody wants to get a gift that’s just going to end up tucked away in a box in the garage for half the year—or forever, if you’re that awful at gift-buying—so why not get something that can be used all year.

Why drop a thousand dollars on a coat they’ll use for three months when you can drop a few hundred bucks on a quality wool vest or jacket that is good through the fall, winter, spring and summer. It makes no sense.

So there you have it. A wool jacket might just be the most versatile, long-lasting gift you can give this holiday season. Heck, you can even gift one to yourself. We won’t judge.



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